My name is Maxwell Macarthur.

I am a schizophrenic poet who explores themes of mental health, nature, and religion in poetic form.

I’ve created this blog in order to share my poetry with the world. I hope you enjoy it.

I also have a blog that discusses mental health and specifically schizophrenia over at schizophreniablogonline.wordpress.com

I can be contacted at maxwellmacarthurauthor (at) gmail (dot) com.


I’m young and I am strong and my rebellion is to come,

So watch for me for I will be the one to overcome

And stand upon the burning city, burnt by what they’ve done,

And look upon the sun dried desert, knowing I’m the one

To save the city, rising from the ashes like a dove

Who rises gritty from the grey into the sun of love. 

Then, loving self and others I will build this city up

To every detail back to what it was before the cup

Of wrath was spilled upon it by the one inside my head

And I will keep on building, even till I’m gone and dead.

How Tall is a Bonsai Tree?

I woke to find my bonsai ten feet tall.

“Well that’s not how I left it there last night. 

No, that’s not how I left it there at all,”

I thought and then I shuddered with a fright. 

“Well what if I’m hallucinating it?

Is that so frightening? It’s just a tree.

It’s possible this tree is counterfeit. 

It’s just a vision. Some may disagree.”

I went about my day but could not force

Myself to stop considering the tree.

I know the bonsai tree is real, of course,

But, ten feet tall, it still stares down at me. 

I don’t know if the ten foot bonsai’s real. 

I also don’t know how that makes me feel.

Two Sonnets for a Saint

Within his home, for nothing more than love,

A man stands tethered for his Christian sect. 

Saint Valentine, who worships God above,

Is jailed, although his spirit isn’t wrecked. 

Asterius is with the holy Saint. 

He asks him for a sign his faith is real

And brings his daughter who’s perception’s faint. 

It isn’t hard for Valentine to heal. 

Asterius believed from then on out,

But others hate Saint Valentine for he

Believes that he must share and never doubt

The Gospel of the one who sets him free. 

For that, they killed him at the city gate,

But he taught always love and never hate. 

So let’s take Valentine’s command as true

And love each other like the teachings of

Religions teaching of a love anew

And faith like mustard seeds that move our love.

Although we’ve learned to hate through history,

We can unlearn the hate and learn to love. 

The separation of humanity

Is nothing like the flying of a dove

For flying like a dove requires wings

To work together, moving step in lock,

And, flying through the air, he also sings

Of love with a foundation that’s a rock. 

Humanity has fallen from the sky,

But if we love, together we can fly.

I Wish to Stop the Clocks

I must ask you a question, but I wish to stop the clocks.

Anxiety’s attacking me but I don’t know if I-

Like men on mountains herding sheep and tending to their flocks-

Can live like this; I’d be remiss, to rather live than die,

For living like the men on mountains-living life alone-

Is not the way I wish to live or occupy my time. 

I’d rather live my life without you than to ask a stone,

And that is how I fear you’d answer, working overtime, 

But I’ll ask you this question since I cannot stop the clocks

And hope that, when you answer, it will be affirmative,

And you can be the men on mountains; I will be the flocks,

But if your answer happens to be wry or negative,

I will move on to live my life and see another day

Where suns are shining, skies are blue, and sheep run out to play.

White Walls

I’ve been to Hell and Hell is just white walls-

I hate it here, but I will stay for you-

A labyrinthine pit of empty halls. 

I will come back to Earth when Heaven calls

And hope that Hell will not be born in you. 

I’ve been to Hell and Hell is just white walls. 

When I come back to Earth and Heaven falls,

I pray to God that you will not accrue

A labyrinthine pit of empty halls. 

I pray to God, for you, that Heaven stalls;

You do not want to go where I’ve gone through. 

I’ve been to Hell and Hell is just white walls. 

My prayer has failed, and onward Heaven crawls

Toward the time when Earth will lose you to

A labyrinthine pit of empty halls. 

So I’ll stay here and wander through these halls

Until a time when I can be with you. 

I’ve been to Hell and Hell is just white walls,

A labyrinthine pit of empty halls.

These Castle Walls And Castle Halls

The cracks are forming on these castle walls

And enemies are knocking at the door

As I am walking down these castle halls.

The foes break in and as the ceiling falls,

They all rush in on feet that I abhor. 

The cracks are forming on these castle walls.

The foes fall down except for one who stalls,

Who, going onward, finds me on the floor

As I am walking down these castle halls.

He picks me up and stands me up and calls

Out to the one I love in this great war. 

The cracks are forming on these castle walls.

The one I love comes through the broken walls

And he forgets the oath to which he swore

As I am walking through these castle halls.

The castle that once stood completely falls. 

For some strange reason, now I love him more. 

The cracks are forming on these castle walls

As I am walking down these castle halls.

The Yellow Fields Will Turn to Green

Like grass you’ve withered even though our future was the sun,

And now from green you’ve turned to gray,

But I won’t let you turn to yellow when it is all done;

I promise to allay. 

We’ve gone into this yellow field where grass has all but died. 

I need your help to water it. 

I know you can although you’ve told yourself you can’t inside,

For you’re not counterfeit. 

You’ll take your water bucket and you’ll throw it in the air,

And let the water fall on you

And on the grass of yellow fields: on this one and elsewhere

And other grasses too. 

We’ll watch together as the grass turns back into a green

Contrasting with the golden sun

Which is our future now that we have quelled the unforeseen. 

Now all is said and done. 

“The grass is greener on the other side,” they’ve said,

But I don’t know if that is true. 

It seems to me the grass is always greener on ahead

When I am here with you. 

400 Years

This Earth which I will conquer could be yours. 

Although as yet I have not conquered it,

I picture it will be just twenty scores

Of years until this land submits to me

At which time I will finally give my plea:

I want to live, no longer counterfeit.

That said, I don’t know how to give to you

This Earth which still is in the distant lands. 

How can I make you see this world is true?

How can I make you see this world is me,

And will you ever deign to take my plea

And run to places where my planet stands?

Now twenty scores of years have come and passed. 

The Earth I wished to conquer conquered me,

So I will travel to the distant past

And ask for once the question which I must,

For even if it breaks your fragile trust,

I have to know if you will take my plea.

Now twenty scores again have come and passed. 

The Earth that I have conquered set me free,

So let’s go out into the blue and vast 

And wondrous Earth together where we’ll love 

Each other and we’ll fall down from above. 

Together we will live, just you and me.

A Year or Two

A year has passed, or two; I do not know,

Although it feels a thousand years have gone. 

Afar from me, you’ve gone where you will go,

While I stay here, inside this bed I’m on,

And do not rise, for rising makes me sore

And pain erupts with every waking breath. 

Oh love, I fear I’ll see you nevermore,

As I lay here, awaiting my own death. 

Will I give up and never see my love?

Or will I beat this illness and be free,

To, with my love, worship those above,

Until he knows the love that is in me. 

“A thousand miles separate,” you say,

But wait for me, for I am on my way.

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